Florida Committee on Trauma Leadership

Nicholas Namias, MD, MBA, FACS, FCC
Ryder Trauma Center
Miami, FL
David Ciesla, MD, FACS
Tampa General Hospital
Tampa, FL
Andrew Kerwin, MD, FACS
UF Health Jacksonville Medical Center
Jacksonville, FL
George Garcia, MD, FACS
Promulgation and running of the ATLS program in Florida. Long term strategies to support existing sites, develop a process for evaluating applications for new sites. Collaboration with AFTC on ATCN.
Luis Llerena, MD, FACS
Promulgation and development of other programs of the ACS (ATOM, ASSET, DMEP, PHTLS) within the State. Evaluate and direct the annual Visiting Professor. Participation with Chapter activities for any trauma related education. Collaboration with the AFTC on related courses (e.g. TOPIC).
Public Safety
Peter Pappas, MD, FACS
Promotion and development of trauma prevention strategies. Cooperative activities with Florida Health, related government entities, and other stakeholders on injury prevention.
Resident Paper Competition
David Ebler, MD, FACS
Planning for and execution of the annual state competition. Develop long-term strategies to improve the competitive position of residents in the state for the regional competition.
Executive Director
Brian Hart