Florida Educators

The ATLS Educator leads the ATLS instructor course along with ATLS Instructor Course Director. The medical educator must be able to explain, interpret, and put into context the principles of teaching and learning that are embedded in the ATLS program. FCOT has designated three faculty that are certified by ACS COT as educators.  Feel free to reach out when designing your ATLS instructor course.  FCOT attempted to have each educator located regionally throughout Florida to easy travel. Please feel free to reach out below:

Bill Boyer, DHSc, MS, CHSE
Associate Dean
Associate Professor
FSU College of Medicine
ATLS Senior Educator
Tallahassee, FL
Michael A. DeDonno, PhD, MBA
Associate Professor
Education Leadership & Research Methodology
Integrated Medical Science (Secondary)
Florida Atlantic University
Boca Raton, FL
(216) 798-4200
Janelda D. Minor, RN, MA
ATLS Educator
ATLS Coordinator
Orlando, FL
(407) 448-5805
The American College of Surgeons explains the role of an ATLS educator as:
  • The educator’s first responsibility in an Instructor course is the planning stage. The educator is responsible for the following:
    • Corresponding with the coordinator and course director before the course and submitting any additional materials for mailing to Instructor course participants.
    • Disseminating information about teaching and learning, principles of adult education, and teaching strategies for the lecture and skills stations.
    • Observing and evaluating the teaching qualities of each participant during the lecture microteaching sessions and skills-teaching sessions.
    • Acting as a role model of a successful teacher and effective communicator.
    • Demonstrating successful teaching strategies through interaction with course participants.
    • Conducting microteaching sessions while offering constructive, critical analysis of each candidate’s teaching effectiveness.
    • Suggesting areas of improvement and future development of the instructor candidate.