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FCOT Business Meeting
The next FCOT Business Meeting will take place in Orlando on Tuesday July 11, 2017.  More information to be posted soon.

ATLS, PHTLS, and ATCN Courses


The Advanced Trauma Life Support Course teaches a systematic, concise approach to the early care of the trauma patient. This course is vital to guiding care for the injured patient in emergency department trauma rooms. The course training provides a common language that can save lives in critical situations.


Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) courses are nationally recognized continuing education programs for pre-hospital emergency health care professionals that bring the care of the trauma patient into a single focus.

PHTLS courses provide a pre-hospital trauma care philosophy, stressing the need to treat the multi-system trauma patient as a unique entity with specific needs. This may require an approach to the trauma patient that varies from traditional treatment modalities.

PHTLS courses are based on the Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS), a course for physicians developed by the American College of Surgeons-Committee on Trauma. More importantly, PHTLS courses follow the principles of care of trauma patients as developed by the Committee on Trauma.

The Committee on Trauma of the American College of Surgeons provides the medical direction and content oversight for the PHTLS program. They are represented by the medical directors on the Executive Council of the PHTLS Division of the National Association of EMTs. (Reproduced from the PHTLS 5th edition Instructor Text-Copyright 2003, Mosby, Inc.)

Please click here to visit the Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support website for additional information.


Advanced Trauma Care for Nurses (ATCN) is an advanced course designed for the registered nurse interested in increasing his/her knowledge in management of the multiple trauma patient. The ATCN course is taught concurrently with ATLS. The ATCN program has been operational for over 15 years and has an excellent record of offering a superb trauma educational program, and maintaining a positive collaboration with the ACS Committee on Trauma State Chapters. The ATCN program is currently being offered in numerous states as well as internationally.

Please visit the Society of Trauma Nurses website for additional information.