Florida Man Case Competition

FCOT’s Florida Man Case Competition commenced in 2018. As part of this competition, FCOT members are invited to submit trauma cases with unique, interesting or particularly challenging elements. For all cases submitted, the wounded person must have survived the event

Your Primary Degree will appear everywhere your name appears. Other Degrees/Honorifics will appear only on a space available basis and may be edited for formatting. This information is intended for publication, so please observe standard rules of case, punctuation and formatting.
If selected, the lead author of this case study will present this piece during a 10-minute, interactive presentation during the Florida Man case competition to take place at a future FCOT meeting.

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Upload up to one re-identified image and one table/ figure for your case study submission here as well as a separate file from the Word document. You can upload approximately 10 MB of materials in support of any single case study. Please check file sizes locally before starting. To control file size, you can crop images to just the relevant information and submit documents as Rich Text Format rather than Microsoft Word. Once you have uploaded a file, you can change only the accompanying text. If you need to change the upload itself, you must delete it from your catalog and submit the new version.

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